Wk2- Art Experience – plaster casting

IMG_1041Doing this project was quite an experience.I experienced a variety of things from being in extreme weather conditions to almost being kicked out of the park. I have never done anything like this before. However doing this project brought out qualities  that I never thought I had. For example being able to work fast under a certain amount of time. I then realized I could use this in the real world come the time I am an engineer to meet deadlines for projects. The three  of us got together and started doing a plaster casting 30 minutes before the park closed and we weren’t sure if we were doing the right. But we couldn’t make any mistakes because we had a bit of time. Mixing the plaster around got us a little dirty because the plaster got on our jeans. I felt bad for my partner Alfonso because he had to stick his foot in the cold moist sand. Although we worked under pressure and got dirty it was a nice experience to learn about my personal qualities.IMG_1049


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