week 3- Snapchat Drawings

Hello classmates,

For my first snapchat drawing, I chose to draw eyes on the girl who had her eyes blurred out.I interpreted the picture being about a girl who had overdosed in drugs. At first I thought she had a huge cigarette in her mouth, so I drew smoke in the background. Then, I figured out it was just a medicine container that had in her mouth. I chose this picture because I agreed with the message that people in drugs can see what’s around them, when being under the influence. For my second snapchat drawing, I chose to draw a person in the picture because when I starred into the picture I could see a body. Also, I was very intrigued by the variety of colors the drawing had.


My first screenshot was from Tyler, the picture caught my eyes because of the different type of colors it had. Also, I was not able to see those paintings and I thought they were amazing drawings. My second screenshot was from a guy named Alfonso, he drew on a picture that had fat cells hanging from a hanger. It was funny because he used the fat cells as a body structure and drew a person out of it.



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