Wk-3 Classmate Conversation

Hello Class,

Well on Thursday I got to know one of our classmates. His name is Hilario Saucedo and is a huge fanatic of baseball. He played baseball all throughout high school and is a huge Yankees fan. He is a second year at CSULB and his major is criminal justice. His hobbies include working out and playing pick up baseball games. His goals for this year are to move out and get buff. Hilario does not like to go by his first name instead he goes by his nickname “Lalo.”  Lalo’s favorite foods include Wing Stop and Mahi-Mahi’s. His birthday is on April 8th and he is currently 19. He chose CSULB because it is a good school for criminal justice. Lalo is from a small town 10 minutes away from Long Beach called Paramount. One of Lalo’s greatest accomplishments in life is when he got to meet Matt Kemp. Lalo chose to take Art because he wanted to try new things. Lalo is also currently employed at Little Caeser’s. So if you’re looking for a workout buddy or would like to get to know someone, here is Lalo’s website.










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