Wk3- Artist Conversation

  • 20160204_111102[1].jpgInformation Block:
  • Artist: Heather Jarrard
  • Exhibition: Standard 2.6: An Education Student Association
  • Media: Mixed-Media with Macaroni and Beans
  • Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
  • Website: N/A
  • Instagram: cobranoag


I chose Heather L Jarrard as my artist for this week.  Heather is currently an undergraduate at CSULB. She is trying to become an art teacher at a middle school or high school. Her hometown is Simi Valley, CA which is about 30 minutes away from Long Beach. She has been working for her art degree for seven years in art education. She has been working with art for three years. Heather’s work intrigued me because her work symbolized her passion for art.


Heather showed the country’s views of art in her work. She told us that California is the second state with the lowest budget for art. Her art represents a low budget because she used only three materials macaroni, beans and hot glue. This shows that she did not spend much money on the materials. Her main reason was to bring awareness for the budget crisis in arts.


Heather expressed her feelings for art in this work. She felt that art is not appreciated in the United States. She said that the average student receives 0.24 cents in California. In reality the government can spend less on other things and give a better budget for the arts.


Her art did what it was supposed to do. It made me aware of the situation art is in. I feel like her art can bring awareness to others. I appreciated her hard work that she put into this piece because it will bring awareness to the government. Despite using basic materials, it shows that anyone can be creative even on such a low budget. Imagine what we could do with a higher budget?



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