Week 4- Art Experience Graffiti Writing

For this week’s graffiti writing, my friends and I visited Venice Beach to write on the walls. It was a very interesting art experience because it was my first time ever doing Graffiti. We arrived at Venice Beach around 10 am and I was suprised by how many people were graffiting so early. We had blue, orange, and white paint and one of our obstacles was choosing where to write at. I didn’t want to disrespect anyone’s art by putting graffiti over good art. There were many people staring at us while we were writing. It was very difficult for me to write my name and it makes me appreciate the beautiful art people do out in the world. At first I thought I was easy to  do graffiti but after this experience I figured out it takes talent and skill to graffiti. It was very fun and I’m glad I had the experience to graffiti and it help me realized the talent individual really have.


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