Week4- classmate conversation

I got the chance to meet Alfonso Madrigal (who guys by poncho), who is a second year and major is communications. Currently lives in the city of compton and grew up in Paramount. He recently changed his major from accounting to communication. He is 20 years old and his goals for this year is to get muscle and to get fit. His hobby is playing soccer and has played soccer since he was a little kid. He play high school varsity with paramount and has a CIF ring with them. He transfered his senior year to lakewood high and also was in varsity soccer. He has a part time job as being a referee for the California soccer league. Alfonso is also part of a fraternity called ZBT. He is a huge fan of candy , and enjoys eating compton street tacos. His family is from Mexico and he has two younger brothers and one older sister. His semester consist of taking 12 units, working two part time jobs, soccer, and his fraternity. He enjoys watching movies and hanging out with his friends. He also loves going to tierra mia and playing uno. He is a huge fan of Lakers and chivas. I would recommend to get to know him here is his link Alfonso422.wordpressIMG_1753this HTML class. 


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