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They call me the Lunatic. I have been in prison for 20 years. I tried to kill Lord Fingers when he was a kid. He has turned our city into a hell whole. I was trying to prevent that, as I have traveled back in time from the future to save the city. Under the three brothers regime our city will self destruct in 25 years. I have 5 years to break free out of this prison. With help from El Chapo’s men I will be free in 1 year. I have formed an alliance with El Chapo as he will be able to replace Stefan Grippin’s bar with an unlimited drug supply. Once I take over the city and become King I will call it LooneyLand and have all prisoners set free. My ultimate plan is to kill Lord $waquin as he is the next heir to the throne. And for Lord Disick I will make him my personal slave. (Evil Laugh) HAHAHAHAHA


Lord $waquin

Stepan Grippin

Lord Fingers




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