Week 10-Artist Conversation-Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition Information

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil paintings, pastels, monoprints, and water based materials

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.helenwernercox.com/

Instagram: None

About the Artist

Helen Cox currently is in the graduate program here at California State University of Long Beach for her Masters of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting Figurative. She is originally from Ithaca, New York until the age of 18. She didn’t like the East Coast because of rain and snow so she decided to move to sunny Southern California. Her hobbies are to garden and read different books. In her garden she has California native plants, low water plants and fruit trees. When she reads books her favorite genre is fiction and mystery art. When she moved out to California she was a librarian for 14 years after she was a teacher her in California and in Boston. She likes to carry a book around with her so if she has any new ideas she could sketch them and get back to them when she wants to.

Formal Analysis

Helen materials consists of oils, pastels, print making and even wood cravings. She explained that she uses a variety of techniques when doing each and every different art piece. She can for example use a stain of brown and make lines drawing. She can also use Mono prints. She uses warms and cools and then for colors uses pastels especially in her art piece “Silent Screams.” The pieces that consists of more pastels are the ones that took her the longest and she said she probably wont work a piece that big and with that much pastels in it because of how time consuming it is. One of the amazing things she did was sketched for four hours while going on one of the carousels and that became one of her art pieces that was the huge scale with blues in it. Her lines are incredible and delicate yet convey such an important underlying message.

Content Analysis

Helen explained to us that the world goes in circles. That is how she got interested in making her art around carousels. This reminded her of the constant circle our world is going through. In her work she wants to make the humans in the real world be her horses in her art work. This is by showing us that people are not calm but make mistakes in there life time. All the horses faces had this puzzled or frantic face because it is to show how humans look when there is chaos around. She also went to the Griffith park to look at the carousel there and at the Santa Monica pier. The owner at Griffith park introduced Helen to a lady that is a carousel animal collector. This person allowed her to stay and take sketches of the different carousel animals she could see. One of her pieces at the gallery was when she rode a carousel for four hours and drew a sketch when she was on it. Most of her pieces that are made out of pastel took a long time to make so she told us that she wasn’t going to do them again.

Synthesis/My Experience

By far the best artist that I liked, the art was so appealing. I thought it was cool how most of the art had carousels. I felt like I could just sit back and relax and look at does paintings for a long time. I was very intrigued by the work and would like to have one of does unique paintings in my room.


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