Wk11- Turning Pages

This weeks art experience was very different compared to the last ones. The art guest we had Marta Troya made me think about what society has come to. She took us to the library and took us to check out a book. The book I got was Big Bear , it brought back so many memories because I remember reading it when I was in kindergarden. At first I didnt even know that the library had books. Then she took us the bookstore and it also opened my eyes that most of the store was filled with items instead of books.When we were told we couldn’t take pictures in the library, I understood because it was suppose to be quite time while reading books.

The funny part was that we were almost about to get kicked out the library because we were taking up space from the people who were trying to use the computer. The only differnce from both locations was that we could take pictures at the bookstore. The exprience opened up my eyes and showed whats hapeeing in my enviornment.  Since we can get anything online then i guess the space of books has seemed pointless and the school decides to find ways to make more money off the students.


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