wk 13 Classmate Conversation

20160424_235831.jpgI met Gabriela Hernandez which is also a sophmore and also undeclared like me. She lives around the same area as me and we found out we have friends in common. We went to different high schools that are actual rival schools in sports. I learned that im not the only one doesnt really know what to do in college as a a major because we dont have the one thing we are great at. She loves Bruno Mars which is hard to find because i havent met someone that likes him. She enjoys food a lot and plans to go eat some day. Her family background is her parents are from the same country and we have a similar storys because we  are suppose to be an example and go to school to have a better life and have less struggle than our parents did.Shes a great person and peopleshould get to know her.

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